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Fuser Reset - C411, C412, & C449


You don't always need to replace your fuser with it throws a code, simply try this quick fix to wipe out the error history and hopefully squeeze a few more months out of it.

Admin Settings


This video is longer, but it will walk you through nearly everything that you need to know and will show you what I do to make sure everything is working at the highest possible capacity.

Waste Toner Cartridge


You can reuse the waste toner cartridge and save a little money, but eventually it may have to be replaced.  Here's how to get a little more life out of it.

Transfer Belt Sensors


Get rid of the infamous CA00 code on your Toshiba eStudio machine.  This is somewhat in depth because there are a lot of parts you need to take out to get access, but this is a pretty quick process for seasoned technician.

Roller Maintenance


Clean those rollers and stop jamming.  This isn't a full list of rollers, but these are the most used rollers in your Toshiba eStudio machine.  Keep them clean to stay efficient and operational!

HD and Firmware Update


This video explains how to format your hard drive and re-install the software to the latest version.  If you do not have access to the software then I DO NOT recommend doing this.  This process is great if you have noticed hiccups in the operation of your machine, or if you just need to update it to make sure all operations stay intact, like scan to email.

Simple Fuser Cleaning


This video gives a quick overview of how to clean the fuser on a Toshiba eStudio machine.  This process will work on most of the full color copy machines.  Most of these steps will also work on other types of machines as well, as the overall process is similar.

Imaging Unit Basics


In this one I show you how to disassemble an imaging unit to a Toshiba eStudio machine.  This is a little more technical and requires a little finesse, but can save you hundreds and will keep your machine running a long time.

Finisher Card Installation


This video shows you how to install a finisher card into your Toshiba eStudio machine.  This is a simple process that anyone can do and only takes about 15 minutes.  Enjoy!

Duplex Latch


Ever have jamming issues in the Duplex unit of your Toshiba eStudio machine?  This could be the case.  Check the latch, make sure it is connecting really good with the side of the machine and make sure there are no gaps!

Drum Unit Removal


Quick and easy video on how to remove your toner cartridges and imaging units.

User Settings


These are the settings that I set all my machines to in order to maximize speed and efficiency.  These are also the most common things that an average user would likely need to adjust.

Drum Unit Cleaning


If you are getting lines on your prints or copies then you probably need to clean your drums.  The imaging unit is one of the most important parts of the image creation process, so keep it clean!

Fax Card Installation


Here is a quick video showing how to install a fax card on your Toshiba eStudio copy machine.  This process will work on the 2500 thru 4540, however the older models to require a specific fax card.  Call for questions or to order.

Toner Connector Replacement


This video will show you how to replace the toner connectors on your Toshiba eStudio machine.  If your machine does not recognize a full toner cartridge, then this might be your fix.

Standard Cleaning on a Toshiba eStudio Machine


This video will help you do a full cleaning of a Toshiba eStudio machine.  This can help you clear out the dust and debris and even fix some common error codes as well, like the infamous CA00 code.

Remove/Replace Transfer Belt Blade


Learn how to remove and replace the transfer belt blade.  This item can cause streaks or discoloration on your copies and prints if it is not installed correctly.

Routine Cleaning


This video will show you some common cleaning techniques for your Toshiba eStudio machine.  This video applies to the 20, 30, and 40 series and will cover all machines up to a speed of 45ppm.

Document Feeder Jams and Alignment


This video will show you a quick and easy way to re-align the Reversible Automatic Document Feeder on the top of your machine.  This helps keep scans perfectly aligned with the page and also fixes some common jamming issues.

Paper Tray Jams & Feeder System


This video will show you how to take out and clean the paper feed and pick-up rollers for your Toshiba eStudio paper trays. This does not apply to the Large Capacity Tray, only for the standard and expandable paper trays.  If you are having paper jams right out of the paper trays, then this is the video for you!

Installation of Hanging Finisher


If you have a hanging finisher on your Toshiba eStudio machine, this video will help you install it or even take it off.

Fuser Sensor Cleaning


This video will show you how to remove the fuser and clean the sensors that lie underneath.  This is a super quick fix for jamming and stop print issues.

LCT Pickup Roller Replacement


This video will show you how to remove and replace the LCT pickup roller on your Toshiba eStudio machine.  As this is the most commonly used paper tray, this roller sees a lot of action and can cause numerous jams and paper feed issues if not properly maintained.

More to come!

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